Apr 26, 2012

Stranger than Paradise | Jim Jarmusch (1984)

"If there is no fog on the day you come home I will build a bonfire / So the smoke will make the cedars look the way you like them"

Matthea Harvey
In order to go to sleep, you must build a canoe. In order to go to sleep, you must put yourself in this canoe. You must launch from the shore and on this shore you must leave all objects and people behind. Sometimes one person can go in the canoe to help you along. Only one person is allowed. This person can never be a lover nor a child. As you get further from the edge, you will have to commit to cutting the string that binds you. You must resolve to let them go, or you will never be free. So remove the scissors from your dress and cut the line. Cut this line.

Apr 16, 2012


by Ted Powers

Because we are in love
I can know five or six things.
If the band plays inside the barn
and we stand outside the barn
we won’t need earplugs.
The next day the cows will moo
louder without realizing it.
Two down. You can probably
guess the final three or four:
the one about doubt,
the one about change,
the one about the void in people
and/or what the neighbors think.
another season brings another set of songs to remind me of